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– Maximum Polyphony128 voices (varies according to the sound generator load)- Parts16 parts- TonesSuperNATURAL AcousticSuperNATURAL SynthSuperNATURAL Drum KitPCM SynthPCM Drum Kit* GM2 compatible sounds are included.- Wave Expansion Slots2 slots* The wave expansion slots are rewritable internal waveform memory.You can download data from the Axial sound library site and write it via a USB flash drive into the FA's internal wave memory (slot).- Favorite- EffectsMulti-Effects: 16 systems, 68 types (Vocoder can be used only on part 1.)Part EQ: 16 systemsDrum Part COMP+EQ: 6 systemsChorus: 3 typesReverb: 6 typesMaster Compressor (This can be changed to Insert FX (78 types).)Master EQTotal Effects (TFX): 29 typesMic Input Reverb: 8 types[Sequencer]MIDI Tracks: 16File format: Original, SMF export/import supported, WAV export supported* Sampler trigger data can be recorded.[Sampler]Format: 16-bit linear, 44.1 kHz, WAV/AIFF/MP3 import supportedMaximum Polyphony: 8Number of Samples: 16 Pads x 4 Banks (for each song)* Samples cannot be used as wave data for the sound engine.[Other]- Rhythm Pattern- Arpeggio- Chord Memory- ControllersD-BEAM ControllerPitch Bend/Modulation LeverAssignable Switch x 2 (S1/S2)Control Knob x 6Sample PadTempo Knob- Display5-inch Graphic Color LCD- External MemorySD Card (SDHC supported)- ConnectorsHeadphones Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone typeMAIN Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch TRS phone typeSub Output Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone typeAUDIO INPUT JacksLINE: Stereo miniature phone typeGUITAR/MIC: 1/4-inch phone typeFOOT PEDAL Jacks (CTRL 1, CTRL 2, HOLD)MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT)USB FOR UPDATE PortUSB COMPUTER Port (USB Hi-Speed AUDIO/MIDI)(Use a USB cable and a computer with a USB port that support USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.)DC IN Jack[Power Supply]AC Adaptor[Current draw]1,300 mA[Dimensions]FA-06: 1,008 (W) x 300 (D) x 101 (H) mm39-11/16 (W) x 11-13/16 (D) x 4 (H) inchesFA-07: 1,231 (W) x 311 (D) x 107 (H) mm48-1/2 (W) x 12-1/4 (D) x 4-1/4 (H) inchesFA-08: 1,415 (W) x 340 (D) x 142 (H) mm55-3/4 (W) x 13-7/16 (D) x 5-5/8 (H) inches[Weight](excluding AC Adaptor)FA-06: 5.7 kg12 lbs 10 ozFA-07: 8.5 kg18 lbs 12 ozFA-08: 16.5 kg36 lbs 7 oz[Accessories]Quick StartLeaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"SD Card (installed in the product when shipped from the factory)SD Card Protector (installed in the product when shipped from the factory)AC AdaptorPower Cord[Options (sold separately)]Keyboard Stand (*1):FA-06: KS-18Z, KS-12FA-07: KS-18Z, KS-12FA-08: KS-G8B, KS-18Z, KS-12Pedal Switch: DP seriesExpression Pedal: EV-5USB Flash Memory (*2)


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