2019. DECEMBER 24.-TŐL
2020. JANUÁR. 13.-ÁIG ZÁRVA.

The Hoop Grip is a simple tool that allows you to add cymbals or other accessories to your drum kit to expand your setup and customize your sound with ease. The possibilities are endless! Adjustable ClawYou can mount this Hoop Grip on various shaped hoops by adjusting the position of the claw on the upper side – simply loosen the hexagon socket head bolt and slide the claw to adjust. Dual Position Rod HolderYou can choose from two positions for the cymbal/accessory mounting rod, depending on your setup preference. This allows for greater flexibility and options. •Feature:•Adjustable Claw•Dual Position Rod Holder•Attachments: HCA20 | ZCB | ZCYE | ZCYEL   


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